How To Decide What Is Right For You


Daniel Gilbert
"This important and riveting book could change and perhaps even save your life."
Author of Stumbling on Happiness, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University

Dan Ariely
"Groopman and Hartzband have done a remarkable job at dissecting the external and internal factors that influence our healthcare decisions. This book should be required reading for doctors and patients alike."
Author of Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality, Professor of Behavioral Economics at Duke University

Jonathan Alter
"For anything that ails us--from high cholesterol to cancer--treatment options usually fall into a frustrating "gray area."Groopman and Hartzband provide a brilliant guide to navigating some of the most important decisions of our lives."
Author of The Promise: President Obama, Year One, columnist at Bloomberg View

Ron Chernow
At a time when health insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and government bureaucrats seek to find magical solutions in metrics and standardized care, Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband remind us that medicine is a profoundly human---and hence inevitably complex---enterprise. By elucidating the often subtle and varied ways that patients make decisions, they will help to sharpen the thinking of any reader facing a medical situation, however grave or pedestrian. This utterly fascinating book, packed with gripping case studies, presents a timely and finely nuanced analysis of a hitherto overlooked subject."
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Washington and Alexander Hamilton

Sherwin B. Nuland
"Bringing the deep sensitivity and outstanding clinical skill that characterize all of his writings, Jerome Groopman has joined forces with Pamela Hartzband to bring us a message of wisdom and far-ranging importance. The complexities that face any patient in making personal medical decisions are here described, analyzed and clarified by two master physicians, who guide us with empathy, sincere caring and wide experience."
Author of How We Die: Reflections On Life's Final Chapter; Lecturer in Yale College and Retired Clinical Professor of Surgery.